A new draping system devised by ACC Liverpool has increased its flexibility for event layouts. Installed in M&S Bank Arena, part of the event campus, a system of drapes provides configurable layout options, potentially separating the upper-tier seating and dividing the arena in two.

Adrian Evans, Assistant Director of Conference And Exhibition Sales, explains the new feature: “An upper drape track masks all the upper tiers of the arena which creates a more intimate feel for conferences with a plenary, an exhibition, a banquet or an experiential element.

“The second part of the system is a tracking drape line that divides the space into two separate areas, running up and down the arena floor to enable a variety of different configurations so we are not restricted to one location.”

Layout options now include tiered seating available for 600 to 3,000, cabaret meeting space for 350 up to 1,140 and banqueting from 500 to 1,400 guests.

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