Appy Days

By September 21, 2018Blog
Jonny Ross

Jonny Ross, Digital Marketing Specialist at Fleek Marketing recommends useful apps for busy event profs.

For anyone who works in event planning, being rushed off your feet is all too familiar.  Lists, sticky notes, reminders, and diaries – all are essential, and new additions to your resources could include a number of event management apps. Before you download one, consider:

  • Where you need assistance – ticketing, table planning, monitoring attendees, exit polls etc
  • Are the apps free, or do they have in-app purchases, or a one-off fee?
  • Assess the strengths of each app. Some are all-in-one solutions and others answer niche problems
  • Check if apps can be shared between a team on multiple devices and make sure you know who will manage them
  • Do you need the app to function offline?

With all this in mind, here are a few apps that could be the key to your event’s success…


Eventbrite is one of the go-to sites due to its simple interface, which enables marketing, ticket sales management, and payment. Running the app on multiple devices allows you to check-in attendees by using the ticket scanning facility or swiping names to register attendance.


Whova can be used to help attendees gain insights about the people they meet, digitise business cards, utilise a community board to post Q&As, and participate in live polling.


Trello has a visual interface that is useful for tracking progress on a list of tasks and can be shared with others to assign duties or attach files.

Event Countdown Lite

This app – or the similar Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) – is free and has a simple timer and reminder for important days in your life. Events are unlimited, so you can add as many as you like and colour-code them by type, as well as add notes.

Ummo / Teleprompter Lite

Ummo is designed to hone presentation skills. Simply record dialogue and it will analyse it for pace, clarity, and even “ums” and “ahs,” to help improve your delivery. You could also install Teleprompter Lite – just upload your speech, set your pace, and you have a ready-made teleprompter.


Use the Bizzabo platform to manage all aspects of your event, from registration to email communications and managing contacts. With Bizzabo, you can review the event agenda, see session locations, view attendee profiles, issue real-time updates about sessions and speakers, participate in live polls, and share event updates to social media.

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