With the world of audio-visual technology moving so fast, it can be hard to keep up. We’ve asked four industry professionals to run-down the latest trends and product innovations to ensure your events are cutting edge…

Dave Barton – Group Head of Video, Hawthorn


We’re living in an age that is all about the experiences, and attendees are demanding more from the events they attend, whether it’s a festival or more corporate conference-style event. They’re not satisfied to simply be told about a brand, they want to be completely immersed in it, so the pressure is on for organisers to go the extra mile and create extraordinary, unforgettable experiences. While the demand has grown, the budgets often haven’t.

The good news is that advances in AV technology have made large-scale interactive experiences, once reserved for only those with blow-out budgets, much more accessible and we’re finding more and more clients wanting to integrate them into their next event.

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Something that’s flying off the shelves at the moment is our Panasonic RZ970 projectors. They’re very successful, reliable and punchy, while being affordable and easy to use.

Peter Larter – Founder, Prompting Plus


For us at Prompting Plus, the primary role of AV is facilitating human connection – which is what we believe events are all about. It’s all too easy for technology to detract from your message with bells and whistles. So in our industry, we’re constantly striving to find new ways for AV to help people communicate more authentically.

With conferences and awards shows now routinely being webcast and viewed remotely, on screens ranging from smartphones to the largest screens around, event planners are always looking for tangible ways to help the speaker’s message get through.

Conferences and awards shows are now routinely being webcast and viewed remotely

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The eyeline shot, where the presenter appears to be looking the viewer in the eye as they read their script, has been around for so long in television, that it is simply taken for granted. With this in mind, we’ve developed QuVu, a revolutionary new combination of camera and prompting technology designed for conferences, capturing eyeline shots of your speaker live on stage.

Mark Kisby – Managing Director, AV Department


Drivers in the industry are, as always, the changing pace of technology coupled with the client’s desire for something new which adds value. But fundamentally, event planners are just looking for reliable technology that won’t let them down on the day. Events today are swamped with internet-enabled devices competing against each other for the same bandwidth space, which means wireless signals begin to degrade, with the potential to cause disaster.

Shures new MXCW conferencing microphone ensures the potential for technical hitches is slim to none

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In this context we’re excited to offer Shure’s new MXCW conferencing microphone. As well as maintaining the authentic sound of analogue audio, it makes use of Dante technology, which solves problems of networked video and audio synchronisation. But the killer aspect of the MXCW is the way the system works in a very crowded wireless spectrum. For the client, this reliability coupled with the speed of set up ensures the potential for technical hitches is slim to none.

Derek Tallent – Director, Press Red


As a rental company working in the conference and exhibition markets, we find that customers are increasing their use of video to communicate their message. This trend will only continue to rise with the growing importance of digital sign displays.

Touch screen displays have quickly transformed the way that businesses and the event industry advertise and share information. Today’s most common form of digital signage technology is LED walls. These digital display panels are specifically designed to project one large picture out of multiple screens, and we’re seeing a move towards higher resolution screens.

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With our latest addition to rental stocks, the new Absen 1.5mm pixel pitch LED panel, we can achieve 4K video in a screen just over 6m wide, offering event planner’s truly immersive potential when it comes to delivering content.

Kevin Floyd – Head of Client Services, R&B Group


Feeling amazed is a universal sensation that unites us all. For event planners and attendees alike, being immersed in an exciting 3D world increases attention spans and helps us see things in a whole new light.

R&B Group can now provide event planners with a VR headset so they can remotely download a virtual walkthrough of our recommended stage set designs based on their brief before they commit to the final look and feel. This provides a more realistic, immersive experience than printed 2D stage set concept visuals, helping them make better informed creative decisions.

We’re also finding that our clients and their sponsors are desperate not only to communicate with their audiences, but to connect on a deeper, physical level. 3D projection systems can help achieve this, attracting more business for your brand.

HyperVsn enables RB Group to produce large-scale 3D holographic visuals of virtually any configuration

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R&B Group can revolutionise the display of branded content and HyperVsn enables us to create and display custom 3D holographic visuals on either single-unit or multiple 3D projection devices combined into one network. HyperVsn projection produces large-scale 3D holographic visuals of virtually any configuration and completely transforms an event, adding a whole new dimension.

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