Putting the fizz in to your morning coffee!

Meetings in Coffee Shops are more prevalent than ever as we work outside the office on our business trips, and of course it’s often the coffee keeping us awake in the conferences and meetings when we land. But the offering at the local roasting house has diversified, so you can go cold or healthy as alternative to a caffeine rush.

As we heard in the news last week, Coca-Cola has tapped into the coffee sphere after a significant investment, putting key players such as Starbucks on the edge of their seats. The British coffeehouse company Costa Coffee has been acquired by Coca-Cola in a deal for £3.9bn, providing a mutually beneficial expansion opportunity for both parties. An advantage of breaking into the caffeinated drinks market through the Costa deal facilitates the Coca-Cola’s aspirational goal of being a “total beverage company”, one of the few beverage sectors in which Coca-Cola has knocked into.

Not only does the new acquisition of Costa enable a bigger selection of drinks, a healthier variety of drinks has also been secured. By presenting low and no sugar alternatives the company is already trying to meet the needs of the health-conscious consumer, distancing itself from the unhealthy label, and consequently the coffeehouse deal will further the healthy perception of  Coca-Cola.

Following the deal, consumers will be able to undergo a new Coca-Cola experience. As opposed to perceiving the brand as something to consume, it now has the opportunity to become a brand that the customer can have a direct physical connection with.

For Costa, the deal will further their growth due to the international presence of Coca-Cola. With the assistance of Coca-Cola’s status, the coffee shop has opened the door to further incredible opportunities.

Good news for your next business trip or meeting with that coffee-loving client.