A happier version of yourself is a healthier version of yourself! #EventWell18

By September 18, 2018Blog

It may not be something that crosses your mind regularly, particularly if you thrive on ‘good stress’, but have you thought about your wellbeing lately? Receiving that well-deserved buzz from hard work is always rewarding; however, it can also make you more susceptible to a ‘high-speed lifestyle’, continuously on the go and burning yourself out at a rapid pace. Overtime, skipped lunch breaks, around-the-clock meetings and a bottomless cup of caffeine can really take its toll and trap you into a world of self-neglect. Yes it’s important that you love your job but it’s more important that you love yourself!

More often than not, the anxiety and stress faced throughout the working day by event profs will be taken home with you, making it almost impossible to switch off. This is the point in the evening, or night for some, when you find yourself subconsciously reaching for your mobile or logging back onto the laptop, negating a healthy work-life balance. A few self-care approaches can be anything that can counterbalance the costs of stress and anxiety on a daily basis, such as drinking more water and dressing to feel good.

During the course of this week EventWell are running its #EventWell18 campaign, ‘Looking after YOU and YOURS’, with a focused message on self-care which in turn will allow us to also take better care of others. Urging event profs to get behind the campaign, the team are asking thems to pledge to a particular change. The change could consist of a week of no smoking, focusing on a hobby, indulging in a well-deserved treat or ensuring that you get a good eight hours of sleep at night. In order to spread further awareness, your adopted change can be shared on social media with the hashtag #EventWell18.

Aiming to break the internet, the second part of the campaign encourages colleagues to spread the love and #HugAnEventProf. Highlighting the benefits that a simple hug can have such as reducing stress and anxiety, boosting your immune system and relieving pain, EventWell are urging people to share their images of the hug on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be sure to take part and take care of yourself!

#EventWell18 – Event Wellbeing Week