It’s Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May) and we all know how much strain your job can have on your health. Did you know this issue affects 1 in 4 people at work and 1 in 3 in our sector, hospitality and events?

With so many people trying to get their head down and get the job done poor mental wellbeing can be easy to miss, even in ourselves. The horrendous scale of the issue has been only recently started to gain the attention that it truly deserves.

Wyboston Lakes Resort shares what they have learnt from years of research into how to keep employees happy and healthy with what has worked for them.


1. Train staff as Mental Health First Aiders

The most proactive step that every organisation should take is to train a group of staff as Mental Health First Aiders who team members can confide in if they feel the need to do so. They are trained to identify the symptoms of potential mental health breakdown, to listen acutely and persuade those in difficulty that there is no shame in admitting that they have a problem and in starting to deal with it.


2. Communicate to staff that help is available to them

Once Mental Health First Aiders have been trained, the team must be made aware of who they are and given the confidence to know that they can talk to them completely confidentially at any time, and that they will gain support and help by doing so.


3. Educate managers to spot signs of team members who may need help

At Wyboston Lakes Resort they have had a small team of Mental Health First Aiders over the past few years, and are now taking their next step. Working with Illuminate VR they are rolling out an Awareness Programme starting with the senior management team. This will be followed by Awareness Workshops held for all managers so they can identify the signs that someone may need help and support them if need be. Once these workshops have been completed, they will be training a further 10 people to become Mental Health First Aiders.


4. Treat mental health holistically with physical health within a wellness culture

In addition to supporting the team with their mental health Wyboston Lakes Resort are working to establish a wellness culture within the business through the introduction of various different activities, learning bites and commitments which team members can get involved in. By doing this they are hoping to support the team with their physical health and wellbeing as well as their mental health as they are all inter-connected. They are also looking at how we can raise awareness of how important it is to look after your own wellbeing whether that is mental or physical health or just encouraging a better work life balance.


Mental health is a undoubtedly major issue in the hospitality and events industry in particular. It’s great that the HBAA, one of Wyboston Lakes Resort’s leading industry associations has embarked on a year-long campaign to address it with a series of activities. They include courses for Mental Health First Aiders and this week, a special event, of which the resort are one of the sponsors, with an impressive and inspiring keynote speaker Vikie Shanks to raise awareness and funds for more courses,

Employers have a huge responsibility to ensure that a safe, healthy working environment is provided for all employees and support to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

For more information you can visit Wyboston Lakes Resort or contact them on 0333 7007 667.