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In a nutshell, Tappit is an all-round event management ecosystem for events and venues, using RFID technology to offer delegates a cashless  payment experience. However, this innovative event software has implications far beyond payment – serious levels of data giving you behavioural insights that help you understand your audience. You can even send personalised offers and promote loyalty schemes to connect delegates with your brand during an exhibition.

The RFID wristbands also handle ticketing and entry, making sure the right people get to the right places, keeping down registration queues and giving VIPs the attention they deserve. Plus, it doesn’t require any upheaval to your current infrastructure, working with your existing point of sale system.

Two people using the Tappit event software


My Social Book

Give a new lease of life to your brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages, helping clients, delegates and employees rediscover the photos and status updates you’ve put all that hard work into publishing on your feeds. A novel way to share your brand identity, My Social Book’s automated system retrieves your online content, transforming it into a bespoke hardcover book, which can be customised with colours, textures and layout options to suit your company style.

In an age where everything seems to live in the cloud, it’s a great opportunity to have a physical embodiment of your brand image you can take everywhere you go. Whether you’re looking to give new employees and clients a flavour of your image, or have something to share with curious visitors on your exhibition stand, My Social Book gives you the opportunity to create your own company bible.

My Social Book brand identity software for events

My Social Book


Slido is an easy to use polling platform, helping you get the most out of meetings and events by bridging the gap between speakers and audiences.
Engage delegates with live polls, making talks more interactive with the ability to receive feedback from the floor and send it to a screen on stage in real-time.

More speakers than ever are using it to design fun, yet informational quizzes to add some excitement to keynotes. This innovative event software can also help you prioritise the discussion topics for conference Q&As, panel discussions or all-hands meetings. Plus, its event analytics offer valuable insights into what topics are resonating with your audience. The platform even integrates with mainstream software such as Slack and Google Slides and is compatible with most video conferencing and live streaming tools.

Event professionals using the Slido polling platform software


Zoi Meet

Language barriers can be the most challenging aspect of doing business. Rotterdam-based Zoi Meet has launched an AI-powered subtitling software that can transcribe and translate up to three languages simultaneously in real-time during multilingual conferences, instantly displaying them on a device of your choosing. In a meeting situation, the ability to transcribe and share written notes in multiple languages gives you the ability to  collaborate on international projects like never before.

Transcriptions are stored for future reference, (handy for those who couldn’t make it), a smart archiving function automatically recognising keywords such as departments, team member names or specific terminology relevant to your business, filing it appropriately in searchable text files. The beta version has been piloted by event organisers with industry partners including HP and Singapore Airport Terminal, with early access to the commercial version now available.

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