Why settle for the same old conference room when you can inspire your team with luxury venues to inspire and impress…

It’s an old cliché, thanks to TV’s Kirstie and Phil, but it’s still true. Location, location, location is worth being underlined and placed at the top of your event planner checklist. Where you choose to hold your event speaks volumes about the company you are representing and the calibre of people you wish to invite.

For conferences, award dinners, parties and corporate events, event organisers are continually turning to high quality settings – and it’s easy to see why. Top luxury venues have certain appeal:  a great location, stylish decor, excellent facilities, impeccable service and competitive prices. Their diversity is a major bonus too, being able to easily adapt to the nature of your particular event, with offerings such as guestrooms, marquees and private conference facilities. As a result of the level of service that a luxury hotel can provide and wide range of choice they’re presented with, guests are guaranteed a memorable experience.

That’s why selecting the right venue is vital. Imagine a product launch for the latest high-end luxury car. A gravel terrace of a country house might create the kind of buzz that discerning motor enthusiasts will aspire to experience. How about a networking event for businesses that will include a guestlist of CEOs, presidents and shareholders? A private space in an exclusive hotel bar or even a top rated golf course might offer the ideal setting for securing business deals or sharing expertise.

A luxury venue, whether it is a Grade II listed five-star hotel and spa, a historic castle or an exclusive temporary structure at an auspicious location, is the ultimate upgrade from the tired spaces that we’ve come to know as event profs. The increasing demand for non-traditional meetings and events has evolved the venue market into a veritable feast of opportunity for corporations and businesses who want to stand out from the crowd and make their employees, special guests and collaborators aware of their forward-thinking way of doing things.

Guaranteeing audience engagement is getting harder and harder, with meeting organisers working out new ways to secure attendees and measurable results in the significant investment of commissioning the event. What better way to draw in a transfixed audience than revealing a desirable venue that would normally be closed to the general public? Many good business deals are forged in exclusive amenities like spa treatments, gym usage, golf courses and haute cuisine at the on-site restaurant and bar. And of course, there’s plenty of five-star accommodation for those who are staying at the venue.

Once you’ve paired the ‘wow’ factor along with practicalities and selected a location – yay! ­– it’s time to sort out all the added perks that will truly give a feeling of luxury that the delegates and guests deserve. Skimping on the added extras or likewise, on the finishing touches, will make choosing a jaw-dropping venue into an unforgettable elevated experience. Think about giveaway souvenirs, ensuring the sales message can continue.

Focusing your event plans to produce a high-end result can help you reap rewards down the line, and it all begins with selecting a venue that reflects your luxurious ambitions.

Claire Steven, General Manager at luxury hotel Oulton Hall in Leeds shares her insights…

A profile photo fo Claire Stevens, General Manager at luxury venue Oulton Hotel in Leeds

Claire Stevens, General Manager at luxury hotel Oulton Hotel in Leeds

As event professionals, we understand that every conference and event has its own set of unique objectives, but whatever your occasion, if you want to create a sense of quality, having a luxurious venue is essential.

Luxury venues create a certain tone and atmosphere that helps elevate a delegate experience from start to finish, while representing your brand and its values. We all want to leave the right impression and you only get to make a first impression once. From its surroundings and grounds, to the welcome from a door man, a luxury hotel is sure to take guests’ breath away.

This ambience can continue throughout the event through a combination of excellent facilities and highly qualified staff with years of experience, meaning delegates can feel confident and relaxed in a comfortable environment. With multiple beautifully presented lounges and function rooms, hotels such as Oulton Hall also offer a seamless day into night experience where guests feel looked after and not simply moved from space to space.

Staff are used to catering to a high standard and take time to understand clients’ requirements, creating a truly bespoke package. No two events are the same, and what the ‘right’ impression means for one business, might not be the same as another. Having access to this tailored approach is more likely to help leave a positive impression, meeting your needs as a conference organiser.

The multiple facets this standard of venue can offer also means if problems arise, they will be dealt with efficiently. For example, if a delegate has certain dietary requirements, the kitchen is fully stocked to cater to these demands.

Having a variety of catering options available also means you can offer unique food experiences, from afternoon tea to cocktail classes. Oulton Hall, for example, offers Yorkshire’s only butler conferencing services, which takes elements of silver service dining and brings them to a conference environment.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that luxury venues go that extra mile to help create bespoke events, which will leave your delegates with a lasting positive impression of your organisation.