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More than Just a Venue

By October 17, 2017Features

H&E North has scoured the area to give you some of the best examples of multi-purpose venues with a unique offering.

Ensuring that your event or conference is memorable for all the right reasons and offers something out of the ordinary, is no mean feat. However, by starting with a venue that caters to your needs and offers above and beyond the basics, you are at least on the right path.

Multi-purpose venues are usually the crème de la crème of event and conference space. Theatres, activity centres, sports stadiums, museums – they all provide a level of functionality which was once a rarity. Not only that but they offer something exceptional; repurposing their space, so that it appeals to more than just their ‘typical’ client.

What exactly are the benefits of utilising spaces such as these? H&E North speaks to some key personnel to find out more.

Sarah Millington

Unique Venues Birmingham
Sarah Millington is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Unique Venues Birmingham – the new conferencing and events venture between Birmingham REP and the Library of Birmingham.

How can your multi-purpose venue space be utilised?
Our portfolio of spaces and facilities enables us to offer a tailor-made experience for guests and delegates. For example, a conference within a theatre auditorium could be followed by a drinks reception on our outdoor Discovery Terrace overlooking the city, followed by a sit-down dinner in the Book Rotunda at the centre of the library.

Why does your event space work well for organisers and delegates?
We’re able to provide a unique and different offering to the customer, flexibility for event organisers, and more than a standard conference or meeting room for delegates. With a theatre and library, we offer many creative possibilities, the main advantage of which is greater flexibility. It also allows us to put on both small and large-scale events.

How important is it that you offer multi-purpose functionality across your venues?
Being a leading producing theatre and a library (one of the most iconic buildings in Europe), our venues naturally lend themselves to being multi-purpose. Our USP is the ability to offer flexible, quirky and versatile spaces for our clients. Previous clients have shown a real need for this, with their events expanding and developing.

In your opinion, what does the ‘future’ of a venue look like?
Being a one-stop show for the whole event and being able to offer truly creative and inspiring events.


Kerrin MacPhie

ACC Liverpool
Kerrin MacPhie is the Director of Conference and Exhibition Sales at ACC Liverpool – home to the BT Convention Centre, Echo Arena and Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

As a multi-purpose venue, what advantages does this bring to organisers and delegates?
Event organisers are given much more flexibility and a blank canvas to bring something fresh and new to their event. Thanks to our location, the campus is a stones’ throw from additional city centre hotels, restaurants and attractions, which enhances event programmes and helps to support the multi-functionality of the whole site.

What is the main benefit of being a multi-purpose venue?

It allows us to host a variety of events simultaneously across our entire campus. The addition of Exhibition Centre Liverpool in 2015 means we are now the only purpose-built interconnected arena, convention and exhibition centre in Europe, which has enhanced our capabilities. For the organiser, this means they can hold their event all under one roof.

How has your multi-functionality developed over time?
Discussions regarding the addition of Exhibition Centre Liverpool began once we started to experience demand for additional exhibition space. Other developments include the recent opening of The Liverpool Collection Lounge – a specially constructed mezzanine floor inside the arena concourse, which provides a stunning hospitality space with views across the waterfront.

What is key to your multi-purpose offering?
Our facilities and our skilled team are key to an effective multi-purpose venue and to ensuring that all our events are delivered successfully.

ACC Liverpool Photo: Ant Clausen