In the age of digital, watching the battery icon at the top of your smartphone’s screen flash desperately on the verge of a flat battery is an event profs worst nightmare. H&E North has rounded up the best portable charging devices to keep you juiced up whilst on the move.



Anker PowerCore 5000
This lightweight, slim gadget is an ultra-compact way to carry some extra juice whilst on the move. The small design is genuinely pocket friendly and will easily fit alongside your device inside a trouser pouch.  Despite the compactness of the device, the gadget has an impressive capacity of 5000mAh and comes equipped with exclusive PowerIQ technology, providing faster charge to any phone or tablet.









Anker PowerCore 20100
Featuring a huge 20100mAh battery and high-speed charging, this portable power bank will be able to charge up your device not only at a quick pace, but also on numerous occasions. The consequential weight of the large battery may be quite heavy, but with enough oomph for multiple charges, your device can stay topped up throughout a busy week ticking off the tasks on your Trello board or enroute to meet clients.




Powakit 5000mAH Battery Case
The smart battery case provides great protection to your IPhone whilst offering an additional 5000mAh of battery capacity. The flexible rubber case makes for easy removal and includes a built in battery level indicator, displaying how much charge is left in the power bank so you’re never caught short. The lightweight sleek design makes for a discreet charging device, ideal for business events or meetings with clients to upkeep a professional appearance.








This is a cheaper option for a portable charger which will recharge your mobile at least once, perfect for some extra power if you still have a long commute home or you need to reply to those last few emails. With a capacity of 2500mAh, the battery size may be smaller than other power banks, however, the lightweight attribute makes a great portable gadget.