H&E North talks to experts about why hiring specific event suppliers gives your event that added edge.

Nick Gold, MD of Speaker's Corner

Nick Gold, MD of Speaker’s Corner


Nick Gold, MD of Speaker’s Corner, a booking service that specialises in providing speakers for events, argues the case for using a specialist supplier instead of assigning the task to an events coordinator…

The one key trait which is integral for any successful event organiser is their ability to manage multiple strands of activities which they bring together to create an amazing event. The issue for the event organiser is this means they might be great at managing all the different aspects, but they don’t necessarily have the time to give each individual area the absolute priority and dedication it requires. This is why the joy of working with specialist suppliers is twofold for any event organiser:

Firstly, as the specialist supplier is dedicated to a niche that makes up a small part of the planning of an overall event, fundamentally, the specialist needs to be very good at what they do or they will be quickly found out in an industry that expects the best at every step. Planners therefore need the reassurance that this part of the entire event is in capable hands, delivering excellence and minimising risk.

It is crucial the supplier has a thorough understanding of how the event organiser wants them to work and what the event objectives are to ensure a harmonious working relationship which delivers excellence.

Secondly, things go wrong, we all know this, with so many moving parts at any event, this is almost inevitable and the wonderful thing about good event professionals is their ability to remain calm and deal with them. This is when a specialist supplier really come to the fore.

Event suppliers know their business and their industry inside out. They have the knowledge, contacts and understanding to be able to react to any circumstances. It’s incredibly reassuring knowing the problem is in the best hands possible so planners can keep their focus on the overall event delivery, but also the solution to be found will be the best solution under the circumstances which fits with the event and what is required.

Steph Baker, Head of Events for event planning company Eventa, which creates Christmas parties and corporate events across the UK, juggles the difficult choice of relying on multiple suppliers or trusting in an all-in-one event agency.

Steph Baker, Head of Events for Eventa

Steph Baker, Head of Events for Eventa

It can be tempting to go for an all-in-one supplier when planning an event, however this can offer up some issues. When a company is highly skilled in one area, it’s their ‘bread and butter’ so to speak, your chances of being disappointed are drastically reduced.

Another benefit to opting for a specialist supplier will be the questions they fire back at you, finding out how to make you the perfect event. If they are well tuned into their specialism, they will know the questions they have to ask which you might not have previously considered. From the venue to the DJ or thinking about any allergies that attendees might have, you can’t afford for anything to slip your mind and specialists will have certain procedures in place before they implement any actions.

The cost can sometimes be slightly higher when paying for dedicated suppliers rather than one overall production, however this isn’t always the case – a blanket increase can be added for some overall event managers too. The quality provided might mean you get greater value for your money in the end.

Another aspect is simply about splitting your risk. If you just use one company and something was to occur – such as the transport that is delivering all your dry hire breaks down hours before – the whole event could be cancelled. On the other hand, if you are using separate specialist suppliers, the risk is only on one area, and they are likely to have contingency plans in place in case of an emergency.

You can also perform greater levels of research into specialist suppliers to ensure you get the right fit for your event by looking at testimonials, comparing quotes, reading online reviews and analysing previous results. A bespoke event is in your hands, meaning you have greater control of creating your ideal event, but it is a lot more responsibility.

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