In a market projected to be worth £4.4 billion by 2024, wearable event tech is ushering in a new era of events with endless potential to improve attendee experience and help planners measure success.

From functional smart badges to fashionable smartwatches, wearable event tech is becoming an increasingly prevalent tool in the event planner’s arsenal. Allowing you to track attendees as they experience the event, powerful location intelligence capabilities give us the ability to gather unprecedented levels of data. By quantifying attendance, traffic flow and participation in real-time, it makes it easier than ever to craft actionable insights and get a true handle on ROI.

Previously, the only way to gather insights was from post-event feedback, but the days of sending out surveys by email, let alone snail-mail are a thing of the past. Whether enabled by beacons, or radio-frequency identification (RFID), wearable tech can keep track of who attended what session, measure exhibit footfall and even bring up personalised messages at automated information points. These footfall heatmaps also hold significant implications for safety and security, feeding staff a real-time picture to help monitor crowd density levels.

By registering guests’ details in advance, wearable event tech can have a substantial impact on organisational efficiency, speeding up registration, offering fast, secure payments and making it easier than ever to target guests with bespoke VIP experiences. It can also allow delegates and exhibitors to exchange details at the touch of a button.

It’s not just organisers who benefit. Where apps alone can encourage unwanted screen-based distractions, combining them with wearable tech offers attendees the freedom to engage with event content and social opportunities. At a recent Hilton conference, planners even incentivised desired activities such as exhibitor interactions, using gamification to award attendees points for each exchange, which could be traded in for prizes.

By personalising the delegate experience, speeding up waiting times and facilitating better networking, it truly is a win-win, rewarding delegates with improved experiences, while driving event goals.

Here are two of the best solutions on the market, changing the events landscape right now…

Two delegates using klik, wearable event tech in the form of smart LED badges



An event engagement platform from Canadian wearable developers PixMob, klik is designed to pair with its range of customizable smart LED badges. The platform has the potential to streamline event management, offering high levels of control over registration, event programming, networking, location services, attendee tracking and gamification.

The interactive light-up wearables are designed to keep attendees engaged and facilitate face-to-face interaction, allowing them to exchange contacts and interact with the event space with a single click. Made from cutting-edge thermoplastic, the sleek matte black badge gives participants the opportunity to interact and receive content throughout an event.

Three LEDs allow event organisers to use light paging, group attendees by colour and highlight key moments at the event. Not only does the badge display the guest’s credentials, it connects them to the klik platform, linking to an app for attendees to manage their profile and access important information. The badge can be personalised with company branding, has a multi-day battery life and is completely reusable and recyclable.

Two delegates using sendrato, wearable event tech in the form of smartwatches



The Sendrato wristband allows for complete event management, integrating ticketing, access control, cashless payments, and security. Used by a number of large-scale high-profile events including Tomorrowland and Stereosonic festival, the bi-modal active RFID wristband allows for tracking more than 250,000 visitors simultaneously.

Heat maps provide a quick, visual representation of high and low traffic flow areas, allowing you to track not only attendees, but staff or valuable assets without having to use bar code scanners or RFID readers. Its Follow-Me AutoTracking solution automatically keeps the spotlight on your speaker, artist or product, tracking people and objects on stage.

A cashless payment system supporting real-time monitoring, means delegates can securely top-up using the dedicated smart phone app while organisers can keep track of total spend. This wearable event tech also lets attendees socialise, exchange profiles, vote, like, check in at special locations and post to social media.

You can even build attendee profiles, including insights such as where they’re from, their likes and dislikes and the exhibitors and sessions they have visited and for how long – helping you to create a personalised experience.