The Job Support Scheme and Government Grants.

Well it is fair to say, the Job Support Scheme announced by Rishi Sunak is certainly a step in the right direction for those in the hospitality and events industry and it’s quite clear that the vast majority of the industry can agree have felt relatively left in the dark and neglected up until this point.

The new updated terms of the Job Support Scheme now see employer contribution reduced in terms of unworked hours in order to provide protection to those companies that are particularly struggling due to the current climates.

By no means do I believe this is the solution to our problems and I think you will all agree. However it is a positive that we can take from this negative time as it is so important that this scheme provides protection for the thousands of jobs within the hospitality and events industry that are at risk whilst staffing is reduced.

Having grants of £2,100 in place is certainly good to see, but as many of us know will not cover anywhere near the amount needed in order to keep afloat for many. Much more needs to be done to keep the industry we know and love safe.

It is important we all stick together, support each other, and do what we can to keep this industry going. Here are 5 ways we can support each other, and they are all free:

  • Leave a positive review
  • Refer your friends or colleagues
  • Follow on social media
  • Engage with their posts
  • Get their newsletters.

Keep safe!