Chill & Charge, the charging station company for branded phone charging equipment for events is looking to grow the market with an innovative and unique product – oil drum chargers.

The chargers, built using reclaimed oil drums are ideal for industrial and rustic themed events. Following on from the successful launch of its original barrel chargers, the oil drum chargers are sure to make an impact in the events industry.

Chill & Charge has launched the product in two colours: grey and green. As it uses reclaimed materials the oil drums have a slightly distressed look. Branding of both the tops and the sides of the Drums is available. The Oil Drum Chargers provides the same ease of use to customers as Chill & Charge’s Original Barrel Chargers. The batteries can be recharged for multi-day use. There are multiple lightning, USB-C and micro USB connectors on each drum.

Frances Quigg, Business Development Manager at Chill & Charge said: “More and more event organizers are demanding environmentally conscious equipment and suppliers. Not only are our oil drum chargers upcycled from retrieved material, but they are available as battery powered models to minimize environmental impact.”