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A report conducted by Business Travel Show has shown the number of corporate travel buyers forecasting budget increases for the year ahead, and therefore corporate travel budgets, is at a five-year high. 41% of buyers polled stated they would have more money to spend on travel in 2020, compared to 33% in 2019. There was substantial uplift on 2019 figures – 52% expected to manage more trips (up 33%); 41% reported airline budget rises (up 10%); and 45% of buyers anticipate bigger accommodation spend (up 16%).

David Chapple, Business Travel Show Group Event Director, said: “Last year’s survey showed a downturn in numbers across the board – with fewer buyers predicting airline, accommodation and overall budget increases. This was unsurprising with Brexit on the horizon and businesses holding back on both decision-making and spending. These figures appear to show a return to form and are back on par (if not slightly above) 2018’s statistics, which is very encouraging news for the industry.”

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