Events are opening up again and its looking likely to be a positive summer as Covid cases decline and the Government eases restrictions. Most recently, there have been pilot events under the Government Research Programme to test Covid-safe venues, with just 15 cases of Covid reported among 58,000 attendees. These included the BRIT Awards, an outdoor music festival, the Snooker Championships, two night-club events and football matches at Wembley Stadium.

Over three quarters of British adults have now received at least one does of the Covid vaccination and it is proving to be effective against the Indian variant, so where does this leave us with regards to the rules?

Restrictions are currently still on track to be eased on 21st June 2021.  Residents of Bolton, Blackburn, Darwen, Kirklees, Bedford, Burney, Leicester, Hounslow, and North Tyneside have been asked to meet outside where possible and minimise travel.

Indoor entertainment venues are now open including cinemas, restaurants, conference venues and theatres. Live events are back.

Here is a rundown of the Covid rules for events managers in England:

Three sets of criteria must be met for all events:

  1. Event organisers must follow Covid secure guidance and complete a risk assessment. You can see the full guidance here – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-organised-events-guidance-for-local-authorities/coronavirus-covid-19-organised-events-guidance-for-local-authorities#guidance
  2. Organisers must adhere to all legal requirements including capacity restrictions, enforcing social distancing and mandating face coverings in indoor areas.
  3. All reasonable action must be taken to mitigate the risk to public health.

Capacity Limits

Capacity for indoor events is restricted to 1,000 people indoors or 50% of the venue’s capacity is lower than 1,1000 people.

Capacity for small to medium sized outdoor events is restricted to 4,000 people indoors or 25% of the venue’s seating capacity.

Capacity for large outdoor events like stadiums (seated capacity of 16,000 or above) is restricted to 10,000 people indoors or 25% of the venue’s seating capacity.

These restrictions should be adhered to at any point during the event, so where people come and go, you can admit people during the course of the day as long as it doesn’t exceed capacity at any one time.

For those events subject to capacity caps, it should be noted that the caps refer to the event attendees only. Staff, workers and volunteers are covered by the work exemption so should not be counted as part of the capacity cap. This includes contractors, administrators, delivery staff, operational team (such as reception, maintenance, cleaning security & stewarding and ticketing staff), caterers and concession stand staff, presentation/production team, exhibitors, speakers, musicians and performers.

Events are still banned where social distancing cannot be maintained.

The Government is continuing to the run the Events Research Programme – we look forward to seeing the results and returning to a bumper packed summer of exciting and safe events for all.