Like millions across the UK, the H&E North team are working from home due to the lockdown. We’ve collated some tips to help adjust to a different way of working. Kettle on!

While 1.5 million people are already used to it, many event profs in the UK are likely to be working from home for the first time. So how do you stay efficient, focused and avoid spending most of the day on social media or doing household chores? H&E North has some tips on how you can stay productive.

Get Prepared
Ensure you have a decent workspace first, a desk and workplace that reflects your normal office would be great, but if not find a table and chair rather than a sofa! Use some space you can get privacy and shut the door.

Get enough tea and coffee or whatever you would normally have, and check all the work you will need from the office is accessible, such as log ins, databases, etc. and the comms at home, the Wi-Fi speed can be an issue as more people log on.

Dress to Kill
Get out of the pyjamas and clothes you may associate with relaxing at home. Washing and getting dressed will prepare your mind, and get you ready to work. We are not saying business attire – unless you have an important video call of course – but you need to feel right for work!

Discipline is so important. Try sticking with your normal hours of work, ready to start your day at the same time as you would normally arrive in your office or workplace.

Try finishing your day at the same time and shut the door with you on the other side this time. Discipline extends to non-work time too, go to bed as normal so you wake up refreshed, and get into a routine, such as an early morning run before work. Use the time that you would have been commuting wisely.

Get Fresh Air
Make sure you get out and get some air. Switching off and back on again will help you gain a different perspective and solve problems. Have a lunch time walk or just sit in the garden, listen to a podcast to take your mind off things, there are some great ones out there to settle your mind.

Call Them
It may be lonely for some at home, so why not pick up the phone and have a real conversation with colleagues, rather than relying on email and instant messaging. It will stimulate and get you more productive! Don’t overcommunicate though or try and justify being at home through rafts of emails. Monitor your production levels, you’ll be surprised.

Take a Break
Part of that discipline includes taking regular breaks, getting away from your screen and up from your desk to stretch. Make a cuppa, move around and clear the air, especially if you are writing proposals. If you have children around the house or others working from home, why not pop your head out of your working space occasionally to check in, but be strict with yourself and tell them when you are going to next be free!

You never know, after a few months working from home could become the new norm!