When selecting the music for your next event, make sure that you avoid skipping past the critical.

Attend any corporate event and at some point during the day music will be strategically played. You may consider the upbeat soundtrack to be a form of pure entertainment, but the reality is, music is used to influence atmosphere and mood.

If you have an event coming up and are yet to choose the music, consider the genre and volume of the music, and also the timing. Whilst delegates are entering, greeting them with a mood lifting melody will set them in good tracks for the remainder of the day, loud music can soon become irritating. Recognise when people begin networking and adjust the music settings accordingly. A silent room can convey an uncomfortable atmosphere and by cutting the music off completely, delegates may start to feel forced into conversation to compensate for the lack of noise.

A common misconception is that the music purchased either digitally, on a CD or record permits you to play it everywhere. In actual fact you have purchased the rights to play the music for your personal use and if this music is played outside of a domestic environment, it will class as a public performance and you will need to acquire ‘TheMusicLicence’. This allows you to legally play music through the TV, radio, other digital devices and live performances. Even if the music can be solely heard by employees in the workplace, a licence is still required.

Planning ahead is critical for any prospective event, especially when it comes to licensing and regulation. To avoid future headaches, always double-check beforehand. If you are unsure whether or not you need to acquire ‘TheMusicLicence, visit their website.