H&E North heads to the kitchen for culinary related team building ideas with a twist.

So you’ve tried your hand at whipping up a tray of chocolates, decorating pizzas and creating cocktails, but that’s not all there is to food and drink related team building. An increasingly imaginative industry, H&E North takes a look at inventive culinary team activities.

Running Smoothly
Smoothie 3
Zing Events covers the length of the UK with its activities, and Smoothie Does It stands out from the crowd. Teams are tasked not just with creating a top quality fruity drink, but also to be the best business and ‘launch’ the most appealing product. Participants are involved with all stages of the creation process, from picking the produce, chopping, peeling, squeezing and blending to taste testing, researching a target market and pitching and presenting a business plan on stage.

Wastage is frowned upon so teams must work together, multi-task and use strategy, planning and project management skills. This juicy challenge is suitable for teams of 10 to 250 plus.

Something Fishy

Do you know your nori from your wasabi or your maki from your sashimi? Creating sushi is an activity which takes great skill and patience, so why not test your group to display both qualities with sushi making team building sessions? With Nottinghamshire-based Off Limits Corporate Events, an experienced chef and assistants will instruct delegates on how to construct these delicate snacks, before allowing the team to band together to recreate the rolls.

Communication, time management and seeing a tricky task through to completion are just some of the skills that can be honed by practicing making this popular, intricate Japanese cuisine.

Back To School
Leicestershire-based Bridge67 Cookery School offers a wide selection of culinary quests aimed at corporate team building.

Rather than taking on just one activity, the day can be broken up into a series of culinary challenges, which could include unique and alternative ideas such as Spaghetti Junction, which requires a bridge to be made that can support a toy tractor out of the stringy pasta. Attempting to make a soufflé that rises successfully or creating the largest chocolate éclair are just some of the other activities on offer. Finesse, quick thinking, competitiveness and team work are all put to the test with these quirky cookery days out.

High Tea
DSC_0238 tea
UK-wide team building and event management experts GOTO Events take the idea of a hands-on baking workshop up a notch thanks to the skills of a professional pastry chef and recipes from exclusive hotels.

Your group must get their rolling pins out and aprons on for a bakeathon, as they work together to make a mix of both traditional and contemporary baking items, with the event able to be tailored to focus more heavily on team building or just old fashioned fun. All ingredients and equipment are included before the chance to enjoy your afternoon tea with lawn games – depending on the venue and weather.