Take your business to the next level with retro game show themed team building ideas that get your employees in the winning mindset.

Knockout Fun

Off Limits event professionals have delved into the BBC archives and got hold of the original games, inflatables and costumes from the classic series, It’s a Knockout. Recreating all the events you remember gracing your TV screens back in the 70s and 80s, Off Limits will have your team scrambling up a slippery inflatable mountain, taking a spin in a giant washing machine, and wobbling along a magic carpet in a 10ft costume. In sports day style challenges (only with more wet sponges and giant penguins) players must work together to battle it out for the top prize.

Participants are forced to muster all of their communication and leadership skills to get to their teammates to the finish line in an active session that gets employees collaborating in the great outdoors. With boatloads of foam just waiting to be doused all over the boss, it’s a sure-fire way to boost office morale.



Crystal Clear

The Team Tactics team take their spin on the nation’s favourite 90s game show series The Crystal Maze across the UK, providing groups of up to 200 with a day of retro entertainment, full of hilarious tasks and head scratching challenges. In recreated Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic zones, players collect as many crystals as possible to increase their time in the legendary dome finale. Team Tactics boast the biggest inflatable crystal dome in the UK, and even provide a costumed actor to play the enigmatic host.

Tasks range from problem solving as players rebuild a giant Aztec pyramid, to communication as they navigate a snake-infested pit without losing contact with each other to snag the crystal from Colin the cobra. With a fully trained first aider, public liability insurance, and risk assessment all part of the package, its experienced management team take the headache out of the organisation that comes with large scale events.



Wipe the Floor

Totally Wiped Out brings its twist of noughties hit series Total Wipeout to a field near you. Have your team run the gauntlet of wacky inflatable obstacles in an action packed day that gets everyone talking. Whether they’re vaulting the giant rotating sweeper arm, or shimmying across slippery spinning rollers, the series of breathless challenges are sure to bring employees out of their shells.

Teams go head-to-head in a relay race to the finish, adapting to each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to overcome the obstacles and win the day. When the suits come off and the giant blow-up boxing gloves go on, as players line up to knock their co-workers into the drink, the true nature of your colleagues is sure to emerge.



Team Build, Team Break

In an experience inspired by BBC cult hit Robot Wars, Firebird Events provides groups with all the equipment and expertise they need to get them building their own fully-fledged robots. With the help of robotics specialists, participants can customise their machines, from serious weaponry down to stylish accessories. Whether they go scary or cute and fluffy is up to them, but they shouldn’t get too attached, as by the end of the day their creations will be hacking other each to bits.

Teams will see their handiwork put to the test in three challenges: Assault Course and Defend the Base, where robots must cooperate to succeed and Battle Royale, a final showdown where players pit their lovingly-made inventions against others in a bid to be crowned champ. Problem-solving and creativity are encouraged as participants collaborate to fashion the ultimate robot that will prove most adept to the needs of each individual task. The experience is flexible enough to accommodate 10-400 participants and can be hosted in any indoor or outdoor venue large enough to accommodate the 4 x 3 metre arena – meaning you can bring the smashing great fun to a place that suits you.