Are you or your event staff due to have your first Covid vaccination? Most people, thankfully, will have little or no symptoms but I wasn’t that lucky. Fortunately, it only lasted a few days and now I am as right as rain, but just in case you too experience symptoms, here are a few tips ahead of your first appointment:

1. If you can, get someone to go to the venue with you so that they can drive you home afterwards, especially if you are not too good with needles.

2. Stock up on Lemsip, tissues and easy to cook food. If you feel flu-like you will not want to be leaving the house to go shopping.

3. Get some ice in for the sore arm. It’s actually no worse than a Tetanus but sleeping on that side might be a little uncomfortable for a few days.

4. You might be sleepy. Give in to it and sleep for a few days if you have to.

5. For reason 4, above, let your colleagues know that you might not be available for a few days and put in place continency cover.

6. If you have staff due to have their first dose, think as well about contingency cover or amended duties for staff who wish to work but may be feeling tired or have a sore arm.

Of course, its everyone choice whether or not to get vaccinated, but for me, despite feeling a little under the weather for a few days, it was the right thing to do bearing in mind that I have many friends and work colleagues who are both older than me and some of whom have underlying health conditions – I’ve done my bit to minimise the risk, which brings me to point 7:

Congratulate yourself! Let’s work together and have a happy and safe events season this summer!