The success of an event relies on a number of factors from how engaging it is to the organisation behind it. Essentially, an event needs to be brought to life. As founder of Inspirators Factory, Rieke Zantinge creates business events based on learning, fun and experience. Ahead of her education session ‘Recipes for success – how to bring your event to life’ at The Meetings Show, Rieke shares the key ingredients needed to make events exciting and memorable.

What can we expect from your session at The Meetings Show?

It’s a workshop which combines creativity with fun and experience. The aim of the session is to give the participants something to think about by giving them some insight into how we learn and into the use of visualisation and storytelling when creating events.

What do you think are the key ingredients to a successful event?

You need a combination of things – visuals, (ancient) stories, music etc. You must also adapt the speakers, location and networking activities to the needs of the crowd, considering what and how they want to learn.

What do you hope attendees of your session will take away from it? 

I say to them ‘don’t start with what is, but what if’. I hope attendees will be inspired to think more creatively and out of the box when designing their events.

Do you think meetings and events should be more interactive and creative in order to inspire delegates? 

Yes, definitely. That is what I aim to do: stimulate attendees to use more creativity. Delegates should be learning at an event and having a good experience wherever they are.

What has been the most interesting event you’ve attended?  

Tomorrowland, an electronic dance festival which is also visually attractive. There, music, innovation and experience come together and you connect with others through music. Somehow the festival manages to sweep you away so you have one foot in reality and the other in another world.

Recipes for success – how to bring your event to life will take place at 9.50am on Wednesday 26th June in the Skills Clinic at The Meetings Show, Olympia London.

Hospitality and Events North will be attending the show so watch out for our bright orange stand and come have a chat!

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