Preparing For Summer Events

COVID-19 has caused huge disruption to businesses, particularly those in the hospitality sectors. Restaurants and bars have been forced to close for several months to comply with social distancing rules, and thousands of events have been canceled across the country. The past year has been tough, but the end is now in sight!

Last month, the UK government released a roadmap outlining the cautious easing of lockdown measures. Everyone is excited to get back to normal and we are all expecting a memorable, fun-filled summer. Hospitality businesses must start preparing for the end of COVID-19 restrictions and create a strong plan to maximize profits this summer. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to help you prepare for summer events:

Encourage early ticket sales

The government has advised that all social distancing rules could be lifted by 21 June if all goes to plan over the next couple of months. You may have noticed that bars, festivals, and nightclubs started promoting their events as soon as this information was released. Nightclub grand opening parties and festival tickets have already sold out and hospitality businesses must start promoting their services and events now to attract customers. Create a sense of urgency and encourage early ticket sales by telling customers how many tickets have already been sold. Offering a discounted price is another easy way to encourage customers to book tickets early. According to RSVPify, you can boost early ticket sales by choosing the right platform to sell tickets, limiting early bird ticket availability, and offering multiple ticket tiers e.g. budget and VIP options.

Run social media contests

Social media is a powerful and cost-effective way to market your brand and events. Use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with your customers during the pandemic and remind them of your brand and services. Running social media contests is an effective marketing strategy that can build brand awareness and increase sales revenue. It will also help you gain more followers online and create excitement around your brand and services. For instance, offer the winner of your competition a booth and free cocktails on your opening night or six VIP tickets to your summer festival. Promote your contest on social media and gain exposure by making entrants tag family and friends or share the post on their own account. There are lots of articles offering useful advice and tips on how to run a successful social media contest for your business.

Create a trendy pop-up

Pop-ups are all the rage and come in many forms including bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops. Pop-ups are a fantastic way for hospitality businesses to get involved in post-lockdown events and increase profits this summer. They are trendy, environmentally-friendly, and have low running costs. You can easily run a pop-up in a busy location and use it to increase sales revenue and promote your main hospitality business e.g. by offering a limited food and drinks menu. Many hospitality businesses are transforming old shipping containers into trendy pop-up bars, food stalls, and events. S Jones Containers has carried out several successful conversion projects, including the popular London pop-up cafe on Silverthorne Road that was built in partnership with Barr Gazetas.

Recruit an outstanding team

A talented customer service team is the backbone of every successful hospitality business. Your team will reflect directly on your business and customers are unlikely to return if they have a poor customer experience. Hiring a skilled team is therefore an essential step in preparing for a successful summer. You must focus on recruiting the top candidates in your industry. Keep in mind that you may be busier than usual this summer. You might need to hire additional staff members to handle a high volume of customers. You can attract skilled team members by offering generous salaries and bonuses, allowing flexible hours, and creating an upbeat work environment and culture. Start recruiting early and give yourself plenty of time to hire the perfect team to represent your company this summer.

Final thoughts

The past 12 months have been challenging for all businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector that have been forced to close for extended periods. The end is now in sight and all social distancing rules could be lifted by as early as 21 June. Hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars, and events must prepare for the end of the COVID-19 restrictions and plan for a busy summer period. The above suggestions should help you increase sales revenue and enjoy a successful and profitable summer.

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