Perfect for workplaces that don’t have the capacity to take teams out of the business for long periods, or those who simply want to add some fun activities into their wellbeing programme, Sharon Stacey’s Strummin’ and Hummin’ workshop is ideal for bringing teams together, strengthening relationships and boosting morale on a budget.

Participants will learn how to play three chords fluently on the ukulele and by the end of the session, everyone will play a song together from start to finish. The ukulele is an incredibly inclusive instrument, and while humming is not only ideal for those who may be shy about using their voice, it offers a COVID-safe way of expressing themselves. As teams get back to the office, founder Sharon Stacey believes there’s no better way to reconnect: “Coming out of the pandemic, some employees who have been working at home have felt incredibly isolated. While some have missed the office, others may feel reticent about returning, and by organising an enjoyable, collaborative activity for staff to enjoy, it’s a nice way to welcome them back.”

While based in Yorkshire, Sharon is able to take her workshops into offices across the UK, with packages ranging from a small but mighty 30-minute Express Lunch & Learn workshop, all the way to a full day session. Known for her popular vocal training and choir collaboration workshops, the pandemic led the experienced musical director to develop a socially-distanced activity that works for businesses: “The beauty of the workshop is that it’s quick, simple and effective – I rock up with 30 multicoloured ukuleles and we learn a pop song from start to finish in a single lunchtime. It’s a great energizer for a productive afternoon and a welcome break away from screens. It’s still a challenging time for businesses right now, so I was keen to offer an affordable team building taster for those who want to invest in the wellbeing of their staff but may not have much to spend.”

If your team leave the workshop inspired to start a workplace ukulele group, or learn at home, businesses are welcome to purchase their own ukuleles. Leaving the colourful ukes around the office could lead to a number of possibilities, not least the opportunity to promote their brand’s corporate social responsibility agenda by throwing a charity gig. Stacey can bring back the workshop on a regular basis as a monthly treat for staff, and help the team expand their repertoire in preparation for the big night. From the Proclaimers’ 500 Miles, to Bruno Mars’ Marry You, and even Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, Sharon brings professional backing tracks to popular hits to spread that feel-good factor: “The repertoire we play is fun, and a little cheesy. The reason being, is that it makes people smile – the cheesier the better as far as I’m concerned!”

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