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Fancy cycling to work, but can’t stand the thought of squeezing into Lycra every morning? H&E North uncovers the best in commuter-friendly fashion, to keep your look riding high, on the bike and at the desk.


Fine Gauge Merino Mock Neck

Jigsaw’s lightweight mock neck jumper makes for a stylish base layer for chillier autumn days. Made from 100% Italian Merino wool, it’s not only soft, but extremely breathable, wicking the moisture from your skin when you’re working up a sweat. Natural anti-bacterial properties of the wool repel unwanted smells, so you arrive at the office looking and feeling fresh.

£85. Jigsaw-online.com.

Bobby Backpack

The Bobby Backpack is an anti-theft backpack. Not only is it unopenable from behind while you’re wearing it, but it’s completely slash proof, so you can concentrate on the road ahead. Reflective strips on the front keep you safe at night, and its water repellent design saves your valuable gear from the unpredictable British weather. Built-in storage pockets ensure you don’t lose your keys while an integrated USB charging port means you can charge your phone on the go, so you don’t miss that important call.

£74.95. Xd-design.co.uk.

Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard By Google

Levi’s enlisted the help of Google to reinvent its iconic trucker jacket, integrating smart design features to help you stay in control of your tech on the go. Conductive Jacquard thread woven into the denim, means with a tap or brush of the cuff, you can control music, screen phone calls or get directions. Connecting to your mobile via Bluetooth, a few simple gestures keep you on course and in touch. It’s a jacket that will keep you smart from home to the office.

$350. Levi.com. (Ships from US)

Levi’s Commuter Pro 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

Levi’s Commuter Pro collection provides performance-driven design for the urban cyclist. The king of jeans has tweaked its popular 511 slim fit jean with some practical additions for the ideal door-to-desk ride. This upgraded pair features advanced stretch to allow for maximum range of movement for a comfortable cycle. The denim is treated with NanoSphere technology to repel dirt and water while Scotchlite reflective tape on the seams keeps you visible on the road. A double layer of denim in the saddle area makes them hard-wearing and resistant to tears, protecting you against any potential embarrassment back at the office.

£95. Levi.com.

Slim Fit Smart Suit

Burton’s innovative new Smart collection looks and functions smart. Designed for men on the move, its slim fit suit comes packed with high-tech fabrics and functional features. The jacket is made of water repellent fabric, equipped with a back vent and mesh lining to keep you cool when you’re feeling the burn, while a handy internal headphone grommet in the lapel prevents trailing wires tying you up. The reflective trim on the trousers ensures night-time visibility and concealed zip pockets won’t eject your valuables when you hit a pothole.

£150. Burton.co.uk.