Sparq marks a new era for the live event production specialist – formerly known as Saville AV – following an MBO in 2017.

In September, leading event production specialist Saville AV began an exciting chapter in its evolution, with the creation of its new brand identity, Sparq. We caught up with Sparq’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Rachel Waterfield to find out more about the company’s transformation…

Hi Rachel, sounds like exciting times for Sparq – what’s the story behind the shake up?
Saville has been a familiar face in the live event industry for over 40 years, but we recognised it was time for a change in the way we present ourselves and how we communicate with the market. Live events is one of the most progressive industries out there, and this is what fuelled our desire to develop the brand. We wanted our new identity to not only bring us in line with the changing market but also to better represent who we are today.

The rebrand was months in the making and wasn’t just about a new name, logo and brand identity, it was about representing a new service proposition which focuses on a complete technical production offering. Although the Saville brand was already a national business, it was about consolidating the operation and combining our extensive resources through the creation of two main service hubs in Leeds and Guildford.

The company has a long-established heritage; how will this transformation encapsulate that?
We were clear that we didn’t want to lose the Saville heritage when we began the rebrand journey and this is still strongly represented within our parent company brand, Saville Group. The Saville Group brand celebrates our story, our strength, the quality of service and expertise, while the Sparq brand enables us to communicate with our target audience in a way that is in line with who we have become and what the market wants.

So, will this change of image affect clients?
Sparq is the same company with the same people our clients know and love, and it really is ‘business as usual’. We’re incredibly proud of the relationships we’ve developed with our clients, and we remain committed to creating extraordinary events that always deliver.

A lot has changed in our industry in the past five years, and we wanted the Sparq brand to reflect this. Even something as top line as the way the live events business communicates has changed. We are an ever-expanding creative industry and ‘creatives’ like visual communication. Our new brand embraces this from our dynamic visual identity through to the channels we communicate through. From our website and our social channel feeds right through to our face-to-face interaction such as exhibitions, there is far more emphasis on inviting our audience to experience and engage with our brand, rather than simply proffering our services.

Tell us how you’ve seen client expectations change?
There’s has definitely been a shift in how the industry wants to do business. There is a much stronger emphasis on a relationship based collaboration that will provide a real legacy. Clients are looking for more than just a supplier that can deliver, they want to know the people that they are working with really understand the needs of their business, their brand and what they represent. We have also found that our clients are looking for a technical partnership that can provide a wider service offering, through either a more comprehensive in-house service range or through wider industry partnerships.

What steps are you taking to evolve with this shift?
Our 360 service offering addresses this; we work with our clients from inception through to delivery, helping with all elements of an event to include venue recommendation, audience management and engagement, creative concepting and content creation.

We’re also expanding our kit hire offering, taking on two hire desk managers based in our northern and southern hubs, who will focus on simple technical kit hire and basic conference set rental and installation. Our team of experts really know their stuff, so whatever you need from us, from event tech advice right through to consultation, design and delivery of a more complex global communication project, the Sparq team can help.

Our ongoing investment strategy will also ensure our warehouse racks are stocked with state-of-the-art kit, including lighting, audio and video. While our digital team is busy concepting new ways to reach and interact with audiences at every touch point.

Finally, following the MBO last year, you have a relatively new board of directors, how do they hope to take the new brand forward?
The whole transformation has been driven by the board, and their desire to take the business in to a new era. The business strategy supports our ambitious growth plan to continue to lead the way in the technical production arena and firmly establish ourselves as the industry’s leading live event production specialist within the UK and globally. This is just the start!

For more information about Sparq, visit or call 0370 606 1100.