If you have found recruitment difficult lately, you’re not alone. ONS figures show that vacancies in the hospitality and events sector are at their highest levels since records began and one in ten workers are said to have left the industry due to Brexit and lockdown.

Here are 5 tips for ensuring a successful recruitment campaign:

1. Rethink.

If you are used to advertising in the national press or online job boards and are not seeing the results it’s time to rethink your strategy. Try thinking of alternative and innovative ways to reach out to potential candidates, for example, could you contact your local catering college, offer apprenticeships or employ ex-offenders? Also consider writing creative copy for your job ads – does it stand out? Look through job postings and see what attracts your attention to get some ideas going.

2. Re-evaluate your offering.

Take a look at salary rates, employee benefits and working conditions. Research current rates of pay and consider a starting bonus for the right candidates. You might also consider flexible working hours, job sharing schemes and part time work to help parents and those with caring responsibilities. You should also hold exit interviews with staff to gather feedback on why they are leaving as this will can be invaluable when it comes to retaining staff.

3. Retain and develop your staff.

Provide opportunities for training and development with progression pathways so that you are able, as much as possible, to recruit internally and avoid losing staff. Consider partnering with a local college or training provider to offer accredited training to your current staff and ensure that you have a good induction programme, regular toolbox talks and peer support in place. Hold regular appraisals and ask your staff to identify any development or training needs they feel they have and ensure that you use the appraisal as an opportunity to praise them for what they doing well! Recruitment is expensive and in the long run investment in your current employees may prove to be more cost effective.

4. Use a recruitment agency.

There are many specialists in the hospitality and events sector who will have temporary candidates alongside those looking for permanent work. Temporary staff may also become permanent, so consider taking on temps whilst running your recruitment campaign. If you need a good specialist recruitment agency, try CM Recruitment.

5. Use social media.

Ensure that job postings are made from your business page using Facebook and LinkedIn’s job publishing tools so that candidates can search and find your vacancy easily. Use eye catching graphics and highlight any employee benefits in your copy and post any job listing in relevant industry groups. Respond to any enquiries quickly as good staff won’t be available for long. If you need help with your social media campaign, contact digital@nutsforprint.co.uk.

Good luck finding staff for your next vacancy.