Corporate gifting is rapidly becoming more popular as a way to connect with employees and clients and build relationships from a distance.

With industry professionals everywhere increasingly isolated from each other, gifting is a time-honoured way to fill the void left by the removal of our ability to meet in person. Sending a thought filled gift offers a positive and thoughtful touch to professional dealings.

Now a market worth an estimated $125 billion globally, corporate gift giving is definitively on the rise. Creating a favourable connection is an ideal way to build relationships with current and prospective clients and incentivise staff you are not seeing face to face. Going forward, corporate gifting is predicted to increase investment returns by 10%, as clients feel that their patronage is appreciated and instil a sense of brand loyalty.

As so many events are now taking place virtually, corporate gifting is an ingenious method of adding flavour to those events. Not only does a well-considered gift provide something more to your event experience than simply staring at a screen, when done right it also offers unique branding opportunities. Whether it’s a T-shirt or something edible, embossing gifts with a logo is not only a unique line of advertising, but it also keeps your business forefront of the recipient’s mind. Kits have become popular for their variety and flexibility. Bake Box sells boxes of baked goods that are brandable and can easily fit through a letter box. “Staying connected with customers, colleagues, family and friends has never been more valuable,” says Bake Box owner Jennifer Walker: “Personal and branded gifting helps to celebrate successes, introduce others to what you do, and most of all brighten someone’s day.”

The presentation of the gift is crucial; unboxing a gift is an experience in itself. Making your gift look appealing and fun to open having researched your recipient and sending something that has clearly been thought about is the best way to maximise your impact.

But above all, quality is key. A poor-quality gift reflects badly on your business. Using corporate gifting experts will ensure you get it right. There are some wonderfully creative companies in our area specialising in bespoke ideas born out of the pandemic, so do your research and see what’s around.

In the current virtual landscape, devoid of the face-to-face connection we once relied upon, a physical gesture couldn’t be more crucial to ensuring you secure business both loyal and new. So whether it’s for a personal event such as a birthday, or a professional milestone, or just to say thanks for the business, sending a gift is an advantageous way to ensure that clients and employees know that they are appreciated in these challenging times.