Boost camaraderie between colleagues come rain or shine with H&E North’s selection of corporate solutions and ideas for autumn/ winter.

1.      Up in the Air

An adrenaline-fuelled adventure doesn’t have to be limited to an outside setting – at Airkix Manchester delegates have the opportunity to take flight with a spot of indoor skydiving. They’ll be suspended into a column of air which reproduces the feeling of freefall in a secure environment; and those feeling brave enough can even attempt a few impressive flying tricks too!

Visit Airkix.com.

2.      A Sweet Deal

Sometimes team building inspiration can emerge from the most unlikely – and delicious – of sources, such as at the Ministry of Chocolate. During the workshops attendees are tasked with creating innovative tasty products, from the initial conception right through to marketing. The company’s accessibility is also a bonus, being able to host the event within your own business premises.

Visit Ministryofchocolate.com.

3.      On the Ball

Just because an activity is generally synonymous with the outdoors – like football – doesn’t mean that variations of it aren’t available in alternative surroundings, so do your research. As a new approach to the game, Manchester Paintball Arena is a spacious playing area providing a dry environment that the rain can’t ruin. And best of all – there’s no mud!

Visit Manchesterpaintballarena.co.uk.

4.      A Whole Lot of History

The abundance of first-class museums scattered across the North means there’s no excuse not to learn something new when the sun shies away. In particular, at the Yorkshire Air Museum delegates can explore the vast collection of pre and post-Second World War aircraft. It also caters for conferencing needs in the unique Main Display Hangar.

Visit Yorkshireairmuseum.org.

5.      Roll the Titles

From constructing costumes to editing and producing, making a movie is a complex operation – why not encourage your workforce to have a go at it? Divide participants into competing teams and arm them with a camera to see who can come up with the best cinematic creation. Reward the winners with an Academy Awards-inspired accolade.

6.      A Cut Above the Rest

As Halloween edges closer, it’s the perfect time to turn the holiday’s traditions into a collaborative, creative exercise. Organise a pumpkin carving challenge in which each team will select a specific theme at random from a hat. Watch as hilarity ensues when the competitors try to identify the end results.

 7.      What’s Cooking?

Although lunches and dinners remain failsafe corporate outings, it’s worth adding a surprise factor and challenging delegates to prepare the dishes themselves. At Chino Latino Bar & Restaurant – located in Nottingham and Leeds – you’ll be taught the art and techniques behind sushi making before settling down to an indulgent banquet menu.

Visit Chinolatino.eu.

8.      Crafty Thinking

From spa packages to meditation sessions, relaxing team building choices are rapidly climbing the charts. In line with this theme, Rheged Centre in Cumbria offers guests the chance to design a pottery masterpiece, such as a mug or plate. Once completed, it will be baked, glazed, and available for you to take away as a keepsake.

Visit Rheged.com.

9.      Fright Night

Test your team’s fear of the unknown and invite them along to a ghost investigation evening at Ordsall Hall in Salford. The haunted house is famous for its spooky happenings and resident spirits which are commonly seen in the Great Hall, including the mysterious White Lady.

Visit Salfordcommunityleisure.co.uk.

10.  All Fun and Games

If you’re hoping to keep costs to a minimum yet still achieve an effective team building experience, don’t underestimate the potential of your own working space. Print out templates from online and devise a number of games which can take place within the vicinity. They can be as simple as building card towers or challenging team members to an egg drop tournament.