Exhibitions and tradeshows can offer a brilliant opportunity to make new connections, research your market and gain inspiration, but without the right preparation, they can be overwhelming for attendees. In order to make the most out of your visit, H&E North has compiled some useful top tips:


Set a Schedule
Develop a plan of which exhibitors to visit beforehand. Be sure to note down their stand numbers and map a route for yourself, prioritising the ‘must-see’ exhibitors over the ‘want to see’. It may be beneficial to make appointments with some vendors, leaving time between each appointment in case they run over.


Think of the event as a great networking opportunity and prepare. It’s important to know what information you want to extract from each exhibitor before striking up a long and time consuming conversation. Remember you have other exhibitors to visit also!


Take a Break
With such a jam-packed schedule, it can be easy to forget to take a breather and fuel-up. Set aside some time for a bite to eat and while recharging your batteries, use the opportunity to review your list to check if you have visited your must-see people. Take this time to analyse if you have free time to visit other businesses that aren’t on your list.


Dress Code
Being on your feet all day circulating around the stands can be a killer for your feet. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear or insoles for extra comfort to avoid cutting into your schedule by putting your feet up.

Take a lightweight bag for the accumulated branded merchandise, catalogues and business cards, and ensure you have plenty of your own cards.


Follow Up
After an overwhelming day of endless networking and gathering information, a common mistake is failing to follow up on useful leads. Invest some time into prioritising your newly acquired data to follow up immediately after the show.