As you may already know, organising an event can be stressful and often leave you feeling overwhelmed, so here are our top tips to help you deliver a successful event…


Carry out a venue recce
The online pictures and the floor plan may seem perfect for your event on paper, but it’s important that you physically check the venue in person as early as the selection stage. Not only will you develop an overall feel for the place, you can also assess the facilities first-hand.

You don’t want any surprises on the day so be sure to consider the ease of logistics equipment, disabled facilities and Wi-Fi.


Spread the word
Marketing can either make or break your event. The time required for successful promotion should not be underestimated, so ensure the event is well promoted in advance.

Be sure to determine first-hand who you want to attend your event and target them accordingly.


Check check and check!
Make sure you carry out a number of final checks as early as 24 hours before the event.

Head over to the venue the night before for a pre-inspection to alleviate stress and allow plenty of time to commence damage control if something hasn’t quite gone to plan.

On the day of the event your brain will be working overtime. To take the burden off, a drafted checklist may be beneficial to avoid memory slips.


Consider your communication
Once your event is in full swing, it’s imperative that a communication strategy is in place.

Your team need to be able to contact you at all times. Rather than weaving through a flock of attendees, it may be worth investing in headsets or radios for prompt communication.


Host a team huddle
It’s important that all team members are aware of their roles in both the preparation phase and during the actual event so be sure to host a team meeting to allocate responsibilities by area (registration, equipment, catering etc). Distributie each member a document with their assigned responsibilities.


Keep cash on hand
Even though the majority of your event will be taken care of financially, it is worth having some money to hand on the day in case of an unforeseeable situation.

Knowing you are prepared will certainly remove some of stress if needing to make a last minute purchase.


Enjoy yourself!
As obvious as this may seem, the stress of the day can lead to closed off body language and a stern face. A welcoming smile upon arrival will go a long way with your attendees.

After the stress of planning and organising for the past few months, it’s important that you make sure you and your team have fun.


Best of luck!