H&E North highlights team building activities with a regional North East twist in Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond…

Life in a Northern Town

Fancy taking your team back in time? If the answer is ‘why aye man’ then Beamish Museum can provide an immersive and educational away day. Known as the ‘living museum of the north’, Beamish is famous for its open air representation of village life from the 1820s through to the 1940s.

Reward your team with a unique day out and add on a range of activities lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Send colleagues back to school with Beamish’s Victorian Lessons to find out who can follow instructions and who will be sent to stand in the corner, or see which group can create the tastiest Edwardian sweetmeats. Alternatively, test employees’ strategy skills and efficiency against the clock with the museum’s Beamish Quiz or Murder Mystery sessions, which require interaction with the costumed staff, or use drama and debate to reveal which employees will take a stand during the recreation of a Suffragette rally.

Stop the Press

To take advantage of being out on the Toon, incorporate Newcastle and Gateshead’s most iconic landmarks into your team building task by combining ice-breaker activities with a spot of tourism.

CCC Events’ range of treasure hunts can provide delegates and staff with the chance to stretch their legs, while getting to know their surroundings. In the Hold the Front Page activity, teams split into groups of photo journalists and are charged with chasing the latest big scoop, and their mysterious editor, across a series of prominent locations. Using creativity, judgement and collaboration, the budding photographers must race against deadlines to complete a set of challenges and compete to get their story on the front page, taking in a range of famous sites, from St James’ Park to The Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, along the way.

Lights, Camera, Action

Tyneside Cinema is the UK’s last remaining newsreel theatre still in full-time operation as a cinema, so away days can pair team building sessions behind the camera with screenings of archive footage from Newcastle’s rich cinematic history and guided tours of the Grade II listed building.

Catering for up to 30 people per session, the cinema’s pop-up film school features a workshop and breakfast briefing on how to film, produce and edit an advert. Teams then compete to create the best commercial by flipping the management structure on its head if they wish, with bosses and managers swapping starring roles for supporting ones and junior staff taking on influential positions. The group then gets to relax with drinks and view the finished films as part of an Oscars-style awards ceremony. Cut!

Outer Limits

Embrace pop culture by taking part in your own version of the TV gameshow, The Crystal Maze. Event company Off Limits’ Crystal Amazed activity pits teams against each other to collect the most golden tickets, earn crystals and successfully navigate the maze’s themed zones, all the while testing participants’ creative, mental and physical limits, as well as their problem solving, delegation, time management and communication skills. A flexible event easily transported to a range of venues, it was recently positioned at Newcastle International Airport, an ideal location for incoming or outgoing delegates. Start the fans!