Year of the Yurt

2020 was a year of change; it gave rise to more focus and interest in sustainability and how important communities are – from immediate family to neighbours and even national society. 2021 is hoped to be the year where all the postponed weddings, cancelled festivals, rearranged corporate events and all those skipped celebrations can finally take place.

Enter the yurt: a versatile space that can travel with ease and a sustainable option for hosting events. Becca McClure, co-founder of North Sky Yurts in Yorkshire, says: “With traditional event venues fully booked with rearranged bookings, there is a need for event spaces that are flexible. Yurts are a blank canvas that can be used in a multitude of different ways and styled to suit the event taking place.

“With the growing demand for businesses to focus on sustainability, we made sure our yurts were made locally in Yorkshire, we have multi-use flooring (avoiding the single-use that a lot of other providers use) and our business cards are even made out of recycled t-shirts! To help counter the emissions from events, we also plant a tree for every booking in the name of our customer.”